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Advantages of Buying a Used Car Instead of a New One

We love our cars and all of us remember the first time that we got behind the wheel and pulled off and headed out into the unknown. We are bombarded every day through media like television, radio and internet about all these new models coming out and how pretty and shiny they look. We dream of the day when we can buy a brand new car out of the dealership and get to experience that new car smell that up until now, you think that you can’t afford. But, is buying new the sensible choice and is it the sensible way to use your finances when you have a family to support or many other bills stacking up. There are other choices and it comes in the form of a used car.

Getting yourself a used car is the sensible and right thing to do, as it will save you money and you get the same satisfaction that you would get with a new one as it has all the bells and whistles that you wanted anyway. Here are some of the many advantages to buying used cars in Canberra  instead of new.

  1. Kinder to Your Finances – When buying a used car, you can save as much as fifty per cent on the price of the same car but new. That is a substantial saving that means the money gets to stay in your wallet or purse rather than in the bank account of the dealership. If you decide to opt for finance, then again, you will be saving money as you will be able to pay it off that much more quickly. Most buyers of used cars begin to switch their cars as early as three years in and you can get yourself a real bargain car that has been well cared for and maybe still under warranty.
  1. Save Money on Customisation – Once you buy your used car, then you can start to add on all the extras that you have always wanted. Getting these essential extras when buying new is a lot more expensive than doing it after you have bought the car. Add-ons can be bought and then installed by a competent fitter or mechanic for a fraction of the costs and you get the car that you wanted individualised to suit you and your personality. It is a win-win situation.
  1. Buy With Confidence – Buying used cars now, is not the nightmare that it used to be. Used cars now come with full inspections provided by the dealer and the car will have gone through many checks before it is allowed to be sold on the lot. Your dealer has his reputation to think of and in these days of social media, he wants to make sure that his customers are buying good cars that he can stand over. You can buy a used car knowing that you are getting a good vehicle.

The only sensible thing to do when it comes to cars, is to buy used and save yourself a lot of money. Call into your local dealer today and see what bargains that they have for you.

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