Learn the Distinctive Features of AMG GT and GT C Roadsters

Mercedes-AMG GT is a re-engineered form of a sports car. The new GT Roadsters come with the amazing and handcrafted AMG performance that is the result of the hard effort put by several craftsmen, engineers and designers for accomplishing a single objective i.e., driving performance.

Engineered for less waiting and less weight

From an aluminum spaceframe to carbon-fiber / polymer decklid, this AMG GT Roadster is developed to maximize the vehicle performance by lowering the mass. From rapid thinking controls specifically made for the running gear to latest cabin technology that keeps one connected and under control, this model offers reliability and efficiency to its users.

Responds at just a simple touch

AMG Mercedes GT and GT-C-Roadster provide a fingertip-based touchpad that has a sleek and sizable 8.4 inches screen deliver navigation, and entertainment, with intuitive menus and animated displays. Another screen is provided between the crisp analog gauges that offer exclusive AMG readouts to keep an eye on oil temperature, speed, turbo boost, and gear selection.

Shifts the seasons

In addition to the heated seats, standard model provides a facility to its users to envelop their shoulders and neck in warmed air. This helps in converting a cool evening into a perfect time for enjoying open-air drive.

The right mix of materials

The spaceframe of the car achieves high longitudinal and torsional rigidity with very low weight. With the design of a roadster, there is no weight related penalty on the GT coupe. Aluminum is used in making 98% of the vehicle frame and body, in addition to carbon fiber, magnesium, and advanced polymers. . Manufactured for AMG’s racecars, GT and GT-C-Roadsters have patented NANOSLIDE cylinder walls that are built to raise power and endurance.

A proactive and protective eye on the future

Mercedes AMG GT and GT-C Roadsters comes with radar-based brake assist that avoids any frontal collisions. It can even help in initiating braking. There are a few other security features that are built into the system, as Attention assist, Parking Assist, and Blind Spot Assist.  Attention assists feature help in awaking a drowsy driver. Parking Assist, Blind Spot Assist and a rear-view camera help in smoothing moves from the highway to the driveway.


Each of the Mercedes AMG GT and GT-C-Roadsters are made to perform and developed to outperform. Whether it is fuel pressure or exhaust routing, this state-of-the-art engine is built to heighten, quicken, and intensify its response.

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